9 October 2009

Not quite so old writings

These are writings by me from International Socialism journal in the 1970s to be found on the Marxist Internet Archive. Some originally appeared under the nom-de-plumes Colin Humphries or Stuart Morgan. Editorial pieces will often have been written in collaboration with others:

There Election and Us was an editorial analysis to the background of the 1970 election, which took place after six years of Labour government

Students, an editorial piece from the sping of 1970s analyses a wave of student struggles that was bigger than anything Britain had known in 1968

On the Pilkington Glassworks strike of 1970.This was an editorial piece

The Tory government
--- a perspective editorial after the election of the Heath Tory government in the spring of 1970

Cuba: the end of the road
, an analysis of the limits to Castro regime's attempt at economic independence in the aftermath of its failure to achieve its aim of a 10 million tonne sugar harvest

The Industrial Relations Bill
- an editorial analysis of the Heath government's anti-union legislation

Bother on the Baltic
- an analysis of the strike in Poland's shipyard in 1970-71

Two offensives
- an editorial analysis in the aftermath of the Tory government inflicting a serious defeat on a national postal workers strike

The trade union bureaucracy in Britain: the years of revolt
, about the years of struggle before 1926, written jointly by Joan Smith and me,

The general strike
- about 1926 in Britain, it later appeared with an article by Duncan Hallas as a pamphlet

The Common Market -- my first attempt to analyse the prospects of the different national capitalism's in Europe uniting together

Hue and Cry
-- a critical analysis of Maurice Brinton's (aka Chris Pallas) attacks on Bolshevism together with a favourable, although critical, review of Paul Avrich's book Kronstadt 1921

Reply A reply to a critical letter from Maurice Brinton

Two Marxes or One
(under name Colin Humphries) - an extremely critical review of Althusser's For Marx, together with a favourable reception to the selections from Marx's Grundrisse edited by David McLennan

A review of Dubcek
, about the leader of the Czechoslovak regime during the "Prague Spring" of 1968

review of the first English edition of selections from Gramsci's prison notebooks (also using the nom-de=plume Colin Humphries)

Hungary and the failure of economic reform
from mid-1972 focused on something then ignored in the media generally but which, it argued was of "enormous significance for the whole future of the state capitalist countries"

On Chile early 1973
-worries about Chilean general entering the Popular Unity government

Russia in crisis?
looks at the problems facing the USSR as a result of its agricultural failings and suggests "The economic props are being knocked out from under the Russian regime. The days of the monolith could well be numbered."

A review of Roy Medvedev's Let History Judge

A review of Hahn's The Politics of Soviet Agriculture
- I argued that the failure lay in agriculture's subordination of state capitalist accumulation

A piece on British steel in crisis
, written in collaboration with Rob Clay

An editorial piece on the Yon Kippur between Israel and the Arab states in October 1973. It concludes: "There is only one way to real peace in the Middle East and that is through the destruction of the Zionist state with its preferential citizenship rights along racial lines, and its replacement by a Palestinian state, in which Jews and Arabs have equal rights. And the state of Israel is not going to be destroyed by the existing Arab regimes. Its final demise will only come as part of a socialist revolution throughout the Arab world

Fire down below
- an editorial analysis on the problems facing the Heath government as it confronted global crisis on the one hand and working class resistance on the other at the end of 1973

review of "The revolution and the civil war in Spain" by Broue and Temime

A review of the Czechoslovak novelist Ludwik Vaculik's novel The Axe

A very critical review of Stan Newens' adulatory book about the Romanian Stalinist dictator Ceausescu

Capitalism in crisis
from the beginning of 1974 analyses the deepest crisis up to then that global capitalism had known since the Second World War --the crisis that we now know marked the end of the Long Boom --and prospects for the class struggle

Danger Tory Crisis
from February 1974 analyses the situation after miners had voted for strike action

The Labour government
from March 1974 analyses post miners strike prospects

The Labour government
again, from April 1974

from April 1974 analyses a sudden revival of the student movement with occupations in Oxford, Essex and Kent

Scottish nationalism attempts a Marxist analysis of the phenomenon after the nationalists' successes in the February general elections May 1974, yet more and once again on the Labour government

A review of the left wing East German scientist Robert Havermann's account of his harassment by the regime

After phase three
-- on the Labour government's attempts to deal with the collapse of the Tory wage controls

The international context
- on the developing world crisis

Fists against fascists
- on how to deal with the Nazi National Front in the aftermath of the police killing of anti-Nazi demonstrator Kevin Gately in London's Red Lion Square

Portugal June 1974
--my first attempt at analysing the aftermath of the overthrow of Portuguese fascism by the coup of 25 April 1974

Northern Ireland: Background to the crisis
- an analysis of the overthrow of the power sharing Sunningdale executive by a Loyalist "strike" -- accompanied by on-the-spot coverage by Mike Miller from Belfast

A new election - an anslysis of the political situation on what was to be the eve of the October 1974 Labour electoral victory "Majority Labour govenrment"

On the aftermath of the Labour's Ocotber 1974 electoral victory

Ireland and the British crisis
-- on the meaning of "unconditional but not uncritical support" for those fighting imperialism

Portugal: the first six months
-- on the prospects for a revolutinary outcome in Portugal

ReplyA reply to Monty Johnstone of the Communist Party on that party's inflated membership figures

A review of The private sector in Sovietagriculture by Wadekin
which focuses on the importance of small private plots in feeding the agricultural workforce, so allowing all the collective's harvests to go towards accumulation

Portugal May 1975
challenges the notion then prevalent amng some that Portugal could move to an East European Stalinist type regime

One small mistake
- from 1977 on productivity in British industry

A review of Paul Preston's Spain in crisis and other books on Spain

Better a valid insight that a false theory
- a critique of a piece by Mike Kidron in which he retreated from some of his own previous theoretical advances

critique of Santiago Carrillo's Eurocommunism and the State from September 1977